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Alpco (American Laboratory Products Company) - Manufacturer and Channel Partner based in NH, United States of America

About Alpco (American Laboratory Products Company)
ALPCO (American Laboratory Products Company) was founded in 1990 as an importer and distributor of high quality research immunoassay kits. Since that time, our primary goals have been to offer a diverse line of assays that appeal to our broad customer base while also providing exceptional customer service and product support. In recent years, ALPCO has solidified its place in the market not only as a distributor but as a developer and manufacturer of immunoassays as well. Much of this successful growth can be attributed to the ongoing communication and collaborative relationships that we have fostered with our customers and respected thought leaders in the academic, biotech and clinical arenas. As ALPCO continues to grow, we promise to maintain our commitment to providing the high quality products and superior technical support that you’ve come to expect from us. Thank you for your continued business!

Product Types:

Reagents & Kits


Clinical / Diagnostics
Life Sciences

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Diagnostics: Infectious Diseases
Diagnostics: Molecular
Electrophysiology & Neuroscience
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39 Sussex Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 6TE, United Kingdom

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