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Techcomp ASIA - Manufacturer and Channel Partner based in Hong Kong
Other Offices: France, United Kingdom, United States of America, China, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, India, Thailand, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates

About Techcomp ASIA
TECHCOMP (HOLDINGS) LIMITED IS A LEADING MANUFACTURER AND DISTRIBUTOR OF ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS, LIFE SCIENCE EQUIPMENTS AND LABORATORY INSTRUMENTS. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute analytical instruments, life science equipments and laboratory instruments for a broad range of chemical analysis and life science applications. These instruments include gas and ion chromatography systems, UV-Vis spectrophotometers and centrifuges. Our company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, currently having 19 liaison offices throughout the PRC, a subsidiary office in Singapore, a representative office in Mumbai, India and a sales administration office in Macau. OUR BUSINESS Established as a sole proprietorship in 1988, our operations today fall into two business segments: manufacturing and distribution. Manufacturing: We manufacture products which include UV-Vis spectrophotometers, gas chromatography systems, ion chromatography systems, atomic absorption spectrophotometers and centrifuges. Our major manufacturing facility is in Shanghai, PRC. Also We have a dedicated Research and Development team focusing on improving the specifications of existing products, designing new models with more advanced software and developing new products to meet the demands of our customers. Distribution: We distribute a wide range of analytical instruments, life science equipments and laboratory instruments to customers in the PRC, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia,Japan, Europe and the United States, through our subsidiary in Singapore, Hong Kong and liaison offices located in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Jinan, Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin, Wuhan and Xian, and our subdistributors in the PRC. Generally our products are used in the research institutes, universities, industries and government agencies which conduct identification, quantification, material preparation and analysis of the elemental, molecular, physical or biological composition or structure of liquids, solids or gases.

Product Types:

Laboratory Consumables / Labware
Laboratory Equipment / Instruments
Reagents & Kits


Automation & Informatics
Clinical / Diagnostics
Food & Agriculture
General Laboratory
Life Sciences
Manufacturing & Processing
Materials Sciences
Pharma & Biotech
Scientific Services

Products, Services & Applications:

Biochemistry Research
Cell Biology
Cell Culture/Tissue Culture
Drug Discovery Products
Drug Manufacturing
High Throughput Screening (HTS)
Laboratory Furniture / Cleanrooms
Liquid Handling
Molecular Biology
Oil and Gas
Parts and Components
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Pre-Clinical R&D
Process Instruments
Safety Supplies
Sample Management
Sample Preparation
Teaching / Education
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