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TotalLab Ltd - Manufacturer based in United Kingdom
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About TotalLab Ltd
The Phoretix family of software for electrophoresis analysis was first produced in 1991. TotalLab was first released in 1998 representing a breakthrough in levels of automation and ease of use. Both were developed by Nonlinear Dynamics Ltd. In 2002 ImageQuant TL™ (IQTL) was created for GE Healthcare by the TotalLab team based on TotalLab v2. TotalLab Ltd was spun-off from Nonlinear in 2007 taking with it the Phoretix and TotalLab product ranges and, in 2009, a new management team was created to push forward new development projects required to satisfy changing market needs. Nonlinear Dynamics continues to develop their leading-edge Progenesis range of software for 2D Electrophoresis, LC-MS and MALDI. TotalLab Ltd. and Nonlinear Dynamics are in the same group of companies.

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