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Advangene Consumables Inc - Manufacturer based in IL, United States of America

About Advangene Consumables Inc
Advangene Consumables, Inc. (Advangene) was incorporated in 2005 with a team of global experts in life science and plastics manufacturing. The combined expertise of Advangene team members offer a unique blend of scientific knowledge, material science, surface technology, engineering and molding expertise, applications development, manufacturing technology, and biopharmaceutical sales and marketing experience to serve the life science industry. Our products are designed to offer high quality plasticware at low cost to life science and chemistry laboratories. We are poised for the future with new, versatile, innovative products to meet the fast- growing needs of life science, food science, and chemistry markets worldwide. Advangene's mission is to provide advanced, high performance, cost-effective laboratory plastic consumables with excellent service and technical support to meet industry requirements and to achieve customer satisfaction. Advangene products are produced by skillful molding specialists with the finest injection molding tools to offer a wide range of single-use plasticware, such as PCR products that feature ultra smooth surfaces as well as uniformly thin and consistent wall construction. In addition, Advangene always uses virgin materials to assure product quality and consistency. We maintain the highest quality manufacturing standards by having full control over the whole manufacturing process and by examining these molds microscopically at frequent intervals. By overseeing the entire production processes, we are able to respond dynamically to the needs of researchers in the life science, natural science and chemistry areas. Advangene has an impressive portfolio of products, quality system, and experience to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of our customers. Our product portfolio, practical knowledge, and technical know-how enable us to deliver products and services that truly make a difference. Give us the opportunity to go beyond the expected; you will see what a difference Advangene Consumables, Inc. can make.

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Laboratory Consumables / Labware


Life Sciences

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Cell Culture/Tissue Culture
Molecular Biology
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