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Beijing QuantoBio Biotechnology Co Ltd - Manufacturer based in China

About Beijing QuantoBio Biotechnology Co Ltd
QuantoBio was established in September 2009 by a group of "returnees" entrepreneurial team, Morningside Ventures, Vcanland, a large domestic biotechnology industry group, and TusPark Ventures. QuantoBio has set up 4 technology platform: Molecular Biology, Molecular immunology, Cell immunology, Protein engineering. QuantoBio is a leading supplier for research reagents with top tier technology in Molecular Bio-chemistry Immunology, especially in MicroRNA, Flow Cytometry Elispot and Tetramer, Aimplex, and provide series clinical products including Flow antibody, molecular diagnostics, protein immunology that focusing in Cancer /Infection Disease and related Healthcare management. QuantoBio undertakes and takes part in multiple government research and development topics such as "11th Five Year" and "12th Five Year" National Science and Technology Major Projects, health industry special research and so on, with 13 national invention patents, 1 computer software copyrights, 3 registered trademarks, 26 certificated products in registration. In the next three years, the company is expected to have more than 100 products to enter the market to provide the clinical Hospital, and the third-party medical institutions with integrated IVD products. In future QuantoBio will focus on developing, producing, marketing and offering service of the clinical diagnostic products, the efficacy assessing products and health warning products. We will also continually introduce and transform the cutting-edge bio-technology abroad in order to be a leading supplier for research reagents in the field of clinical and health warning. QuantoBio won 2013 "Zhongguancun Top 10 New Enterprises", 2013 "Delloitte Yizhaung Top 20 High-tech Fast-develop companies" , 2013 "Delloitte China Top 50 High-tech Fast-develop companies". QuantoBio is director of Zhongguancun Cancer Early Diagnosis and Early Treatment Innovative Industrialization Alliance, founder-member and current director of Beijing Advanced and Innovative Medical Device Industrialization Alliance.

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