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Fortune Biosciences - Channel Partner based in China

About Fortune Biosciences
Fortune Biosciences is an international company focused in the outsourcing and supply of a wide range of medical devices and pharmaceutical ingredients. We work directly with established manufacturers to bring to our clientele a product of high standard at the lowest price. Fortune Biosciences line of product includes: 1. Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Fertility, Tumor markers, Infectious diseases, Drugs of abuse, Cardiac markers. 2. ELISA Kits. 3. Clinical chemistry/Biochemistry reagents 4. Tests equipment 5. Food & Feed Safety Rapid Tests 6. Pharmaceutical Intermediates & Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) Our goal is to improve the accessibility, to keep expenses down, maintain high quality, and deliveries on-time, every time of our product on the global scale. We welcome business partnership opportunities worldwide to develop not a vendor relationship, but be your daily partner that brings an added value and solutions that contribute to achieve your goals, to be more competitive and produce more business value.


Clinical / Diagnostics
Life Sciences
Materials Sciences
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Pharma & Biotech
Scientific Services

Products, Services & Applications:

Biochemistry Research
Clinical Chemistry
Diagnostics: Clinical
Diagnostics: Molecular
Diagnostics: Research
Genomics & Epigenetics
Molecular Biology
Personalised Medicine
Services: Diagnostic Testing
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