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Europa Biosite / Cambridge Bioscience Ltd

Europa Biosite / Cambridge Bioscience Ltd
Europa Biosite / Cambridge Bioscience Ltd

Europa Biosite / Cambridge Bioscience Ltd

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Channel Partner
Business Address:
Munro House
Trafalgar Way, Bar Hill
CB23 8SQ
United Kingdom
+44 1223 316 855
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Automation & Informatics
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Food & Agriculture
Clinical / Diagnostics
Materials Sciences
Life Sciences
Pharma & Biotech
Scientific Services
Manufacturing & Processing
General Laboratory
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Reagents & Kits
Laboratory Consumables / Labware
Software & Informatics
Laboratory Equipment / Instruments
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Liquid Handling
Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Medical Devices
Biochemistry Research
Sample Preparation
Parts and Components
Process Instruments
Genomics & Epigenetics
Cell Culture/Tissue Culture
Drug Discovery Products
Personal Care & Cosmetics
Drug Manufacturing
Laboratory Furniture / Cleanrooms
Drug Delivery
Services: Drug Discovery
Services: Drug Development
Clinical Trials
Electrophysiology & Neuroscience
Services: Contract Research Organisation (CRO)
Drug Development Products
High Throughput Screening (HTS)
Services: Repair & Servicing
Services: Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO)
Services: Sample Production
Services: Diagnostic Testing
Services: Independent Sales Agent
Diagnostics: Molecular
Quality Control
Services: Software Development/ Integration
Point of Care / Rapid Tests
Services: Product Development
Pre-Clinical R&D
Services: Scientific Consultancy
Sample Management
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Personalised Medicine
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
Reference Standards
Measurement and Control
Diagnostics: Clinical
Diagnostics: Research
Clinical Chemistry
Synthetic Biology
Blood Bank
Single Cell Analysis
About Us:

Cambridge Bioscience, a member of Europa Biosite, is a UK-based distributor of life science research and diagnostic products. With over 30 years’ experience working with life science researchers, we know that you have important decisions to make when choosing products and services for your research. We are here to support you and help you make those decisions, so you can focus on your next discovery.

We strive to offer you:
Better products
Every product we offer is guaranteed to meet our stringent quality criteria so you can rely on everything you buy from us.
Better tech support
Based in Cambridge, our highly experienced technical support team are always on hand to help you with your research and answer any technical questions you have.
Better service
Order with us, hassle-free through your procurement system, over the phone, by emailing your PO or via our website. We hold a large number of products in stock and place frequent orders with our suppliers to ensure a fast turnaround.

Applications, Products & Services:

Our Reagent team provides reliable and innovative biological and chemical reagents. We offer our customers a broad selection of trustworthy products that will help them to conduct research of the highest standard. We are committed to providing support for every product we sell and for making the process of finding and buying the best reagent as easy as possible.

We are focused on innovative, instrument-based products for cell and molecular biology research. Building upon our understanding of life science research we are now offering our customers a range of novel instruments that help them gain greater understanding of complex biological systems. Our knowledgeable Instruments team will be able to appreciate your research needs and to demonstrate the utility of our systems in your applications.

Life science research is always demanding and it is critical that all parts of the supply chain deliver. We challenge ourselves to set and meet the highest standards for product quality and the level of support our customers receive when working with us.

Assays and Kits
Blood Products
Cell Biology
Diagnostics and Health
Instruments & Consumables
Molecular Biology
Proteins and Peptides
Small Molecule Compounds

Parent Company:
Europa Biosite (Sweden)
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