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On-Line Instrument Systems Inc (OLIS)
On-Line Instrument Systems Inc (OLIS)

On-Line Instrument Systems Inc (OLIS)

Company Type:
Business Address:
130 Conway Drive
Suites A-D
United States of America
+1 706 353 6547
Year Established:


Product Type:
Laboratory Equipment (General)
Products, Services & Applications:
About Us:

Mature and growing manufacturer of highest caliber optical spectrophotometers for the study of clear solutions and turbid suspensions (e.g., living bacteria, algae, E.coli, yeast, red blood cells; nanoparticles; hydrogels; etc.) We specialize in instruments and software for kinetic studies. Nearly half of Olis instruments include modernized and repurposed monochromators from vintage Cary, Aminco, SLM, PE, and HP spectrometers, because these classic models are simply outstanding optically and perfectly suited to certain tasks. Brand-new instruments employ our unique rapid-scanning spectrophotometer (the Olis RSM 1000) or one of our smaller models. Clients are in academic, corporate, and government research laboratories worldwide.

More Info About Our Products:

UV/ Vis NIR Spectrophotometers, Spectrofluorimeters, Circular Dichroism systems, Titrators, Magnets, stopped-flows, immobilized enzyme assay devices, kinetic data analysis software

Looking for Distributors in Regions:
Asia Pacific
Eastern/Central Europe
South America
Official Distributors:
Analytical Instruments SA (Greece)
Anelis EE (Greece)
Astech Corp (Japan)
Bargal Analytical Instruments (Israel)
Gulf Scientific Corporation (GSC) (United Arab Emirates)
Jung In Chem Tech Corp (South Korea)
PhotoniTech Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Tekno-TIP Analitik Sistemler Ltd Sti (Turkey)
Unisoku Co Ltd (Japan)
Valley Research Argentina (Argentina)
Valley Research Brasil (Brazil)
Valley Research Corp (United States of America)
Valley Research Iberica (Spain)
Valley Research Mexico (Mexico)