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Atlas Antibodies AB
Atlas Antibodies AB

Atlas Antibodies AB

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About Us:

At Atlas Antibodies we have a very singular mission: To provide our customers with highly characterized advanced antibodies targeting all human proteins.

Working in close partnership with the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project, we are looking to complete the systematic exploration of the human proteome using antibodies.

Of the possible 20,000 protein coding genes in the human body we already have over 17,000 antibodies covering 15,000 gene products. Each antibody is supported by over 700 in depth annotated immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence images. Learn more in this short film about us.
Our History

Atlas Antibodies has a very special story. The company was founded by researchers from the prestigious Human Protein Atlas project, who wanted to make the unique antibodies used in the project available to fellow researchers worldwide.
AAA Polyclonals - designed by researchers for researchers

The Human Protein Atlas was initiated in 2003 by Swedish researchers, headed by Professor Mathias Uhlén, and are funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation. It is a unique world leading effort to create a complete immunohistochemistry based map of human protein expression and localization in normal tissues, cancers and cell lines.

The project aims to have a first version of the complete human proteome ready by 2015, with a curated version finished by 2020.

Critical for the success of the project was the availability of highly specific antibodies for all human proteins. As it was not possible to source all of the antibodies with the required quality that were needed, a standardized manufacturing process, with rigorous quality control, was developed, to ensure the antibodies met the high level of specificity and selectivity required for the project to succeed. These antibodies we proudly call Atlas Antibodies Advanced Polyclonals (Triple A Polyclonals). They are carefully designed and manufactured to achieve the very highest level of specificity, reliability and versatility.

The first version of the Human Protein Atlas database was released at the Human Proteome Organization's (HUPO) meeting in 2005. It received an overwhelming positive response. Shortly afterwards the Human Protein Atlas researchers started to be asked by fellow researchers if they could obtain their antibodies for use in their own research. This led to the establishment in 2006 of Atlas Antibodies, to commercialize the antibodies developed by the Human Protein Atlas project.
PrecisA Monoclonals, precise, accurate and targeted monoclonal antibodies​

From our facilities in Sweden, Atlas Antibodies now develops, manufactures and distributes Triple A Polyclonals worldwide. Our success has been acknowledged by both the Swedish scientific community, where Atlas Antibodies has been nominated as one of Sweden's most promising young technology companies for the last three years, and the Swedish daily financial paper Dagens Industri as one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden.

In 2012, Atlas Antibodies started in-house development of mouse monoclonal antibodies against a selected number of targets. We have named them PrecisA Monoclonals. The same stringent manufacture and validation processes are used as for the Triple A Polyclonals.

Atlas Antibodies is also investing in it's internal R&D capabilities. This is both to extend the current product catalog, and to explore the potential of the Human Protein Atlas, to increase the basic understanding of underlying factors of cancer, and to develop new tools for clinical diagnostics and treatment regimens.

More Info About Our Products:

Highly characterized advanced antibodies targeting all human proteins.

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