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Guangdong Wesail Biotech Co Ltd

Guangdong Wesail Biotech Co Ltd
Guangdong Wesail Biotech Co Ltd

Guangdong Wesail Biotech Co Ltd

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Room 403, Building 1, 1 Taoyuan RD, Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park
Songshan Lake
Clinical / Diagnostics
Pharma & Biotech
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Reagents & Kits
Laboratory Equipment / Instruments
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Point of Care / Rapid Tests
Diagnostics: Clinical
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Guangdong WESAIL Biotech Co., Ltd., with its strong business philosophy of “strive for excellence, truth and reality”, attaches great importance to technology innovation, product technological experiments, and the research of product advancement. The company is committed to supporting IVD diagnostic partners with excellent performance reagents and analyzers for colloid gold and immunofluorescence platforms.

Based on deep insights into the future industry development trends, WESAIL continuously launches reagents and analyzers meeting customer needs in various disease areas, including cardiovascular, metabolism, fertility, inflammation, diabetes, hormone, brain injury, renal injury, thyroid, tumor marker, etc. By bringing in more convenient, rapid and accurate tests to patients, WESAIL fulfills the essence of POCT products to the world and continues to maintain a leading technology level among players in the global POCT industry.

Applications, Products & Services:

POCT analyzer & reagents

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Asia Pacific
Eastern/Central Europe
Middle East
North America
South America
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Fapon Biotech Inc (China)